6 Key Features to consider while choosing Big Data analytic tools

In today’s world, data is everywhere, and its sheer volume is growing at an unprecedented rate. As a result, organizations must have effective Big Data analytics tools to make sense of this vast amount of information. According to recent market research, the global Big Data and Analytics market is worth a staggering $274 billion. With over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data generated each day, selecting the right Big Data analytic tool is more critical than ever.

At Dataminerz Innovative Solutions, we understand the importance of making informed decisions when choosing the right tools for managing and analyzing data. In this blog post, we’ll share five key features that you should consider when selecting Big Data analytics tools. Whether you’re looking to gain insights into customer behavior, streamline operations, or optimize business processes, our insights will help you make an informed choice. So, let’s dive in and discover what you should look for in your next Big Data analytics tool.

Factor 1: Data Exploration

Data exploration is an essential factor to consider when selecting Big Data analytics tools. It is a crucial first step in the process of making sense of the vast amounts of data that businesses generate every day. With the sheer volume and variety of data available, data science teams often need to explore the data and discover patterns and insights that could be valuable to the business.

At Dataminerz Innovative Solutions, we understand the importance of exploring data thoroughly to derive meaningful insights. That’s why we rely on tools that streamline this process, reducing the effort involved in testing new hypotheses about the data and identifying useful connections hidden in the data.

Features that enable exploration and collaboration can be incredibly valuable in this regard. It is essential to have tools that enable people of all skill levels to explore data from multiple perspectives quickly. With such tools, we can more effectively collaborate with colleagues, ensuring that everyone on the team can contribute insights and ideas.

In addition, strong data visualization capabilities are also critical in the data exploration process. Visualizations can help us identify patterns and insights that may not be immediately apparent from raw data. They allow us to interact with data in a more intuitive way, making it easier to surface useful insights.

Factor 2: Version Control

In any Big Data analytics project, numerous data scientists and other users may work together to adjust the parameters of analytics models. While these changes may initially look promising, they can create unexpected issues when further tested or pushed into production. This is where version control comes in as an essential factor to consider when selecting Big Data analytics tools.

At Dataminerz Innovative Solutions, we understand that version control can help improve the ability to track these changes and make it easier to roll back an analytics model to a previous version that worked better. This feature ensures that changes made by multiple users are tracked and saved, allowing for easy identification of the changes made and accountability of the users responsible.

Without version control, one change made by a single user can result in a breakdown of all that was already created. This is why it is essential to have tools that offer robust version control features that help mitigate these risks.

With our expertise in utilizing version control features, we can help businesses avoid potential issues and minimize risks associated with changes made during the Big Data analytics process. This can result in more effective analytics models and better decision-making overall.

Factor 3: Data Management

As the magnitude of data increases in big data environments, data sets may include large numbers of inconsistencies and different formats that need to be harmonized. To ensure continuity and standardization across all deliverables, big data analytics tools need a robust yet efficient data management platform as a foundation, as mentioned by Mr. Satyendra, Head of Technology at Dataminerz. 

At Dataminerz Innovative Solutions, we understand the importance of data management in Big Data analytics. We have developed a data management system that can efficiently manage, store, and process large and complex data sets. Our platform ensures data consistency and eliminates redundancies, allowing businesses to maintain a single source of truth.

Our data management features also provide visibility into data sets for users and guidance to them. For instance, push notification features can alert users proactively about stale data, ongoing maintenance or changes to data definitions. With our data management system, we ensure that all data sets are accurate, up-to-date, and accessible for users to draw insights and make informed decisions.

Factor 4: Embeddable Results for Real-Time Analytics and Reporting

When the insights gained from analytics models can be used to support ad hoc business decisions, big data analytics programs have the potential to become significantly more useful for the enterprises that undertake them. According to the Technology Head, “Being able to incorporate these insights into a decision-making process in real-time is of the utmost importance.” 

At Dataminerz Innovative Solutions, we understand the importance of incorporating insights into real-time decision-making processes. Our Big Data analytics tools provide features that enable the creation of insights in a format that is easily embeddable in decision-making platforms. This allows businesses to apply insights in a real-time stream of data, empowering them to make informed decisions at the moment.

Our analytics tools come equipped with robust reporting capabilities, which help in monitoring the progress of business initiatives. These reporting capabilities are easily embeddable into existing business applications, enabling real-time decision-making by executives and managers.

Factor 5: Data Wrangling and Preparation

Data wrangling and preparation are crucial aspects of big data analytics that involve cleaning, labeling, and organizing data to make it suitable for analytics purposes. Data wrangling encompasses several steps, such as data collection, profiling, cleansing, transformation, and validation, to integrate data from disparate sources seamlessly.

The process of data wrangling is typically time-consuming and can take up a significant portion of a data scientist’s time. However, with the right tools, this process can be streamlined, freeing up data scientists to focus on more value-added tasks.

With its expertise in data management and insights, Dataminerz can offer businesses the necessary tools to wrangle and prepare data effectively. By leveraging their expertise, businesses can save time and resources while also ensuring that their data is correctly prepared and ready for analysis.

Factor 6: Scalability & Performance 

One critical factor in achieving this is scalability, which allows a system to handle an increasing amount of data with ease. As data volumes grow exponentially, a system that cannot scale up to meet this demand risks reaching bottlenecks and downtime.

To ensure a stable and high-performing big data system, Dataminerz carefully considers all factors, including the server infrastructure’s power and flexibility, the network speed, and the system’s processing capabilities. By anticipating the exponential growth of data and designing systems that can handle changing information flows, Dataminerz helps businesses avoid the risk of system failure due to overwhelming data volumes.


Big data analytics tools are crucial for businesses looking to gain insights from their data. In this blog, we have discussed five key features that businesses should consider when choosing a big data analytics tool. These features include data exploration, version control, data management, embeddable results for real-time analytics and reporting, and data wrangling and preparation.

As a provider of data management and insights, Dataminerz is well-positioned to offer businesses the necessary tools and expertise to leverage big data analytics fully. By selecting the right tools and partnering with the right experts, businesses can unlock the full potential of their data, gain critical insights, and make informed decisions that drive their success.

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