Recommendation System

An increasing number of online companies are utilizing recommendation systems to increase user interaction and enrich sale potential. Use cases of recommendation systems have been expanding rapidly across many aspects of eCommerce and online media over the last 4-5 years, and we expect this trend to continue.

Benefits of using a recommendation system

More upsell activities
The bottom line of utilizing recommendation engines is to create an experience that makes the visitor feel understood and served well as individuals.
Enriched Customer profile
As users are engaged with recommended content more granular customer profiles and personas are automatically built, which helps with targeting look alike audiences.
User Engagement
Recommendations can increase content consumption, shorten the path to relevant content and boost time engaged with your brand.
Tech Stack
The architecture of recommendation system involves a database, caching database (for real time recommendations), messaging pipeline for capturing user interactions, platform like Jupyter Notebook/Databricks to run python module and a VM to deploy the module
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