HR Analytics

Human Resources has been transformed with the emergence of Artificial Intelligence. AI enables HR professionals to make data-driven decisions on employee recruitment, retention and training. Through HR analytics, HR departments can not only get insights on current employee data but also get predictions on future possibilities in training, compensation, and retention. This approach also improves employee engagement and work culture with constant collection of feedback and surveys data.

Benefits of HR Analytics

Churn modeling

HR Analytics can give insights on employee performance and progress in an organization.

Enhanced Recruiting Process

HR Analytics can aggregate data from previous hiring sessions and current employee pool to improve recruitment procedure.

Improved Employee Satisfaction

HR Analytics can give insights into employee retention figures. It can analyze the exit interviews and employee satisfaction surveys

Task Automation

HR professionals can automate collection of data from surveys, assessments, feedback forms and combining this data for overall insights.

AI Powered HR Chatbots

With chatbots, employees can easily apply for leaves, get information on HR related queries, request salary slips, etc.

Human Capital Management

HR professionals can seamlessly monitor appraisal, bonus, fringe benefits, and promotions of the organization and track employee performance.

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