Database Migration

We help clients to migrate On-Premise Databases running on an older version to Azure PaaS offerings that can shift focus solely on data as Azure handles management and with access to advance features in data services.

Transforming Data

We also provide more significant insights into your data by transforming your data in Azure Data Factory and showcasing results in Power BI. We also provide you with dimensional modelling over historical data and can help you migrate your warehouse data to Azure SQL Data warehouse.
We follow a simple process to migrate your workload on the cloud. The procedure is as follows:
  • Discovery and Assessment of your Infrastructure or Database
  • Test Migration on Azure, this phase helps you to check the compatibility of your data on Azure.
  • Migrating complete workload.
  • Optimization which includes Cost-saving, right-sizing recommendations
How can Dataminerz help you in Optimization and Management?
  • We will focus first on cost optimization by providing you with the best offers and guarding a wide range of possibilities for reducing running costs and creating cost savings.
  • We will gain you with the insights of understanding the current cloud spend and forecasting future spend, Gaining the most value from cloud spend, Guarding against unexpected costs, Optimizing deployments for cloud efficiency.

Execute a complete migration with near-zero downtime

Migrate your database and server objects including user accounts, agent jobs and SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages—all at once with almost no downtime.
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(+91) 9999323744