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Service Bus Relay
The Service Bus Relay is a unique service that makes it possible to securely expose on-premises services to the Internet through a cloud-based relay. The service supports a variety of messaging patterns including request/reply, one-way asynchronous, and peer-to-peer.
But what if the service client and server aren’t online at the same time? Service Bus Brokered Messaging offers a pair of asynchronous store-and-forward services. Queues provide first-in-first-out delivery to a single consumer. Data is stored in the queue until retrieved by the consumer.The topics are slightly different. They make it possible for multiple recipients to get a message from a producer. It offers a publish/subscribe engine with per-recipient filters.
Event Hubs
Azure Event Hubs is a scalable service for high-volume event intake. Stream in millions of events per second from applications or devices. It’s not an end-to-end messaging engine, but rather, focuses heavily on being a low latency “front door” that can reliably handle consistent or bursty event streams.
Azure Relay
The Azure Relay service facilitates hybrid applications by enabling you to securely expose services that reside within a corporate enterprise network to the public cloud, without having to open a firewall connection, or require intrusive changes to a corporate network infrastructure. Relay supports a variety of different transport protocols and web services standards.
The relay service supports traditional one-way, request/response, and peer-to-peer traffic. It also supports event distribution at internet-scope to enable publish/subscribe scenarios and bi-directional socket communication for increased point-to-point efficiency.
Data Factory
The Azure Data Factory is a cloud-based data integration service that does traditional extract-transform-load but with some modern twists. Data Factory can pull data from either on-premises or cloud endpoints. There’s an agent-based “data management gateway” for extracting data from on-premises file systems, SQL Servers, Oracle databases, Teradata databases, and more. Data transformation happens in Hadoop cluster or batch processing environment. All the various processing activities are collected into a pipeline that gets executed. Activities can have policies attached. A policy controls concurrency, retries, delay duration, and more.
Enterprise integration on Azure
This reference architecture integrates enterprise backend systems, using message queues and events to decouple services for greater scalability and reliability. The backend systems may include Software as a service (SaaS) systems, Azure services, and existing web services in your enterprise

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