Create a freestyle project in Jenkins with GitHub webhook plugin

For this tutorial, I assume that you already have a Jenkins server, Git and GitHub plugin installed on Jenkins and has admin access on your project on GitHub.

Step 1:

  • Go to your Jenkins server then click on the new item.


Step 2:

  • Enter your project name
  • Select on freestyle project
  • Click OK


Step 3:

  • After creating a new project navigate to the Source Code Management section
  • Click on Git
  • Enter GitHub repository URL
  • Enter Branch


Note: In order for this to work you must need to generate a personal access token in order for Jenkins to communicate with your repo.



  • Click on Personal access token
  • Then click on Generate access token


  • Enter token description
  • Check on the repo, this will grant repo access on this token e.g. push/pull
  • Click Generate Token


  • After generating the token, get the generated token and append it to your repo web URL

e.g. https://{generated-token}

  • Then paste it on Jenkins repository URL


Step 4:

  • Navigate to Build Triggers section
  • Check GITScm polling
  • Then save


Step 5:

  • Go to your project GitHub repository
  • Click on settings
  • Integration & services
  • Add Service
  • Select on GitHub plugin


Step 6:

  • Enter Jenkins URL
  • Save service


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