Power BI Embedded

Microsoft Power BI embedded enables you to embed dashboards, reports, and other analytics in your own application with your own branding. Using the Power BI API and Azure features, you may deliver the many rich features and capabilities found in the Power BI cloud service into your own application. This dramatically decreases development time, costs, and complexity.
Self-service reporting methods are being considered by organizations. Executives want to get the most out of their IT investments. Product teams want to deliver best-in-class analytics. Not all paths lead back to Power BI Embedded as a means of bringing in-context analytics to a wide range of use cases.
Whatever brought you here, we’ll walk you through a few instances of how some of our clients are employing Power BI as their white-labeled analytics interface and how we’re assisting them in swiftly realizing the advantages of leveraging Power BI as their white-labeled analytics interface.
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(+91) 9999323744