Executive Brief: A New World Order for IT

Seven Ways IT Can Drive Growth and Increase Efficiency
• Apps for flexible ordering — An easy-to-use mobile app will encourage customers to order ahead, whether they are thinking about dinner or office supplies.
• Apps for easier financing — Expanded opportunities for connection make it possible for customers to apply for alternative forms of financing while checking out products on the showroom floor.
• Apps for loyal customers — A loyalty app with built-in ordering increases engagement and offers an additional sale channel.
• Customer forums — Deploying a customer forum or integrating with an existing community allows customers to support each other.
• Mobile catalogs — Linking a mobile catalog to in-store inventory ensures customers find what they are looking for and provides a better customer experience.
• Portals for channel partners — Providing marketing materials and simple tools for managing external sales forces will empower partners and make them more productive.
• Portals for suppliers and distributors — Applications for easier ordering and inventory management increase collaboration and efficiency across supply chains. (Source:-CIO)


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